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Downtown Fort Wayne

Skyline, Alleys, Murals

So many different places to go downtown. From the top of a parking garage capturing the city skyline, to alleyways, or murals that really make a picture pop! Best time of year: spring thru fall

Foster Park

Flowers, greenery, river

Foster park presents a beautiful display of blooms in the spring time, but is a classic spot all year!  There is open grass, walking path, fun trees, lots of flowers, and even a river for some cool shots!

Best season: Spring, but can be used spring thru Fall


Headwaters Park

Open field of grass, trees, bridge

Headwaters Park is beautiful in the summer and fall time!  It boasts nice open grass areas, trees, walking paths, and a cool bridge over the river that grabs the gorgeous sun as it sets!

Lakeside Park

Flowers, tall white columns, trees

Lakeside Park is known for its Rose Gardens and the gorgeous florals that show up in the summer and fall! The white columns make images clean and classic!


Metea Park

Tall grass, trees, pond

If you want green/trees/grass, Metea Park is the place to go! It captures gorgeous Golden Hour light through the trees, has tall grasses for dimension, and is the perfect spot for fall foliage colors!

Best for Summer and Fall


Private location - Classic

Landscaping, water features, spring blooms

Another exclusive location that has beautiful professional landscaping, brick building, water features, a stone bridge, and the perfect spring spot for blooming trees!

Salomon Farms Park

Woods, tall grass, barn, old brick building, open grass, farm house

Salomon Farms is another staple in the photography community!  Lots of different areas to have as a background. Late summer they have fields of sunflowers as well!

Best season: Any!


Private Location - Field & trees

Tall grass, trees, open 

One of my favorite spots to shoot, and the best thing?  No one else shoots here!  It's a private property and has given me exclusive use!

Fall time here is the BEST! The golden hour is truly golden!


St. Francis

Classic building, pond, blooms and color.

University of St. Francis is gorgeous spring through fall, and has multiple areas to have as a backdrop for your session. Fall colors are perfect here! 

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